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What is Counselling and How Could It Help Me?

Effective therapy is a partnership; you are in control of your journey and it is my job as your therapist to guide and navigate you towards your chosen path, goals, and destination. I do not give advice but enable clients to effectively self-govern. You have the inner resources and wisdom to reach your goals and full potential, it’s my job to help you access them and use them successfully.

Each therapy session is unique to each individual. Therapy can be short-term to address specific concerns, or open-ended to explore more complex issues, long-standing concerns, or continuing personal growth.

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Specialist Areas of Interest and Experience

In addition to the issues mentioned on my home page I have a specialist interest and expertise in the following areas:

  • Attachment/Early Years Trauma. Defective parenting and early years bonding trauma can manifest itself in many different ways and cause long-term impacts that can negatively affect inter-personal relating and life achievements.
  • Narcissism. Narcissists and those who come into contact with them often experience particularly destructive and damaging emotional experiences that are complex in their cause and resolution. There can be far reaching and long lasting consequences of contact with narcissists especially where a power imbalance is present, such as parent/child.
  • Bullying. The long-term and sustained impact of bullying on self-esteem whether this be within our own family, at shcool or at work, should never be underestimated. What bullies take from you, therapy can help you reinstate.
  • Character traits and behaviours that hold us back from reaching our potential. Sometimes it is easy to think that certain character traits are a part of our personal make-up where in fact they can be explored and addressed through therapy. Issues like jealousy, passivity and anger are symptoms of underlying issues that can be understood and worked through.
  • Life transitions. We will all face many major transitions as we progress through life and some of these challenges can prove demanding to cope with. It is never to late to seek support for whatever may be troubling us.

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